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Long -- Hope you like it.

So the night went something like . . .

Dropped K off at the Marriot to meet up with Kata, Devilishone (no, no kilt), Picard & Sarah.

Took forev's to find parking. There was a Redwings game (NHL), a Tigers game (MLB), and a hick-ass honest-to-goodness Ho-Down, downtown, in motown (and no, by Ho-down, I don't mean K, Kata, or Sara -- that was later).

When I finally arrived at the hotel, the elevator crossing-guards wouldn't let me up to the room I waited.

The crew came down and after a quick walk to the Greektown Casino, we hung in the lobby waiting for the rest. Hayroob (the instigator), shows first, then rayray14 (of Canadian dodgeball deck-stacking fame). We make light conversation about Guitar Hero and Hayroob's love of all things Apple(tm). The Quintessential Loser was not long after, with Jesikat & Wally bringing up the rear (insert silly joke here). Where is Zomniac? we all wonder. I wish there was some more Zomniac story, like maybe he was getting his knob polished by yet another KaTG fan, and they shared a hearty laugh while his dick was in her mouth, but there just isn't more to tell.

Jesikat had suggested the adjacent greek restaurant, the "Pegasus". We waited at the bar, discussing Wally's uncanny resemblance to Ira Glass. We watch the various waiters walking threw the aisles flaming up brandy-covered goat cheese, like a symphany of fireworks and molatov cocktails. The hostess calls over the intercom "Keith and The Girl -- Party of 11!" and we all cheer.

We make our way to our table, anxiously anticipating some flaming goat cheese of our own. The conversation turns to food choices as there are four of "those people" amongst us (yes, I mean "vegetarians" ). Someone mentions the cover of our menus looks like the cover from some old trashy romance novel, I mention that I can see side-boobage.

The restaurant was old my friends, but not older than our creepy no-smile waiter, who came to light our 'spagnagacaca' (I'm fluent in Greek) goat cheese. All around us, the other waiters are firing up magical, beautiful bombs with cheese flames reaching the ceiling, warming our back sides without warning, engulfing our peripheral vision with vivid oranges & yellows. Our waiter you ask? lights ours with all the flair of a powerpoint presentation on tax accounting. He gives noooo shits.

Wrapping up dinner, rayray14 has to head back to Windsor Canada to go "be a dad", he says. Later rayray!

The rest of us, under hayroob's suggestion, head out to The Garden Bowl, America's oldest active bowling center for some day-glo blacklight bowling. Neon-Green balls and all! (oh, there's got to be a good Jeremy joke in there -- radiation, nut cancer . . . work on it, people) I'll sum up the scores by saying that Picard's friend Sara took the high score trophy, Hayroob got the Most Inconsistent Award, and yours truly took home the Perfect Attendance award. Thanks to Hayroob for picking up that tab, and to Jesikat for the shoe hook-up!

If parting is such sweet sorrow, then leaving was like chocolate clown tears. We all said good-bye and discussed a possible future camping meet-up maybe mid-summerish.

ONLY speaking for myself, but as always, I appreciate the way that fellow fans I have met have an openness, respect and a general 'benefit of the doubt' for both new and familiar forum faces.
Thank you everyone, I had a blast.

Pictures can be found on Myspace:

"Hahaha too easy" -- Trent said in the thread about the story about Trent

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