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Originally Posted by picard102 View Post
I left a conference on urban design and planning early to pick up Will and Kata, we stoped at my place and picked up Sarah, then stopped at a gas station for oil and a snack for my lunch. Sarah proceeded to eat said snack and beverage.

We attempted to entertain our passengers with our domestic bliss along the way, stopping again for gasoline for my motor vehicle one last time before arriving and exiting the car at our destination.

Some of us became very excited at the prospect of a pool in the hotel, others attempted to gain connection to the world wide web, or Internet.

(insert Saint Marcos story here)

Once we arrived back in our hotel room, some cowboys proceed to attempt raping one of us, hint: not me, but were unsuccessful. We then slept soundly knowing we'd be awoke at 7am so some could partake in the pool and gym.

With our morning fun completed, we check out and proceed to an IHOP and feast upon eggs and pancakes. Surrounded by African Americans we make jokes about Canadians.

Our appetite satiated we return home where most sleep and I attempt to keep the car from sliding off the road in the rain. Safely home and Sarah an hour late for work our vacation to Detroit ends.
Ouch. An hour late? You forgot to mention your first born child, grabbed from her innards like a claw machine (or something). And Starbucks. We can't forget the Starbucks. I didn't know there were any in the US of A! haha.
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