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I personally don't care for the whole 'dance monkey dance' phenomenon myself, but I DO think Bruno is a very cute, very sweet, very bored child, who of course enjoys getting all this attention from y'all. I don't know many children who wouldn't. I do agree though, he's not hurting anyone but himself, so whatevs, & quite honestly, he is his mother's concern, not mine. I have 2 of my own crazy-ass boys to worry about. I did watch one night before a show to see what all the hoopla was about, & was happily surprised to see that he opted out of A LOT of the stupid things that were demanded of him, so I know that he at least has some common sense & also somewhat of a conscience. All in all, he's a good kid.

But this nonsense of telling people to fuck off or calling them names because they show concern for the welfare of a child, or for having their own opinion & not being sheep is just ridiculous. Be nice. We all very obviously have our own favorite/least favorite guests, topics & views, so why do we all have to like this? I wonder if you'd enjoy him as much if he weren't doing all the stupid shit he does?

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