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Red face don't know anything about bit torrent

Originally Posted by Babbling Bryan View Post
My bad, as of now (it's been going for an hour) there are 13 to 15 peers where there are 8 people with 100% and I'll be the 9th in about half an hour or so.

I'll keep seeding, spread the joy!
ok... I'm an ignoramus when it comes to torrents. I just downloaded bittorrent and am downloading the file. So what exactly does the following numbers mean?

seeds: 25(37)
peers: 20(47)
downspeed: 459.5kB/s
upspeed: 23.5kB/s
ratio: 0.082
Avail: 34.959

I have an idea about the downseed but what exactly am I uploading (if that's what upseed means)

Anyways any tutorial on this wild crazy technology would be appreciated.