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Originally Posted by juliofromny View Post
ok... I'm an ignoramus when it comes to torrents. I just downloaded bittorrent and am downloading the file. So what exactly does the following numbers mean?

seeds: 25(37)
peers: 20(47)
downspeed: 459.5kB/s
upspeed: 23.5kB/s
ratio: 0.082
Avail: 34.959

I have an idea about the downseed but what exactly am I uploading (if that's what upseed means)

Anyways any tutorial on this wild crazy technology would be appreciated.
Seeds are the people who have the full file and are sharing it
Peers are people downloading
Downspeed is how fast you're downloading
Upspeed is how fast you're uploading
ratio is the ratio of what you downed to what you've upped