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When I was like, 5-8 I knew where my dad stached his money, and stole about $20 a week from it. But to be fair, I wasn't getting allowance then and I've been good with money, so most of that went to my college fund anyways...

Also in my Junior year of High School, there was an old lady substitute teacher nicknamed "Jabba" (after Jabba the Hut). Every class that she ever subed for, was pure mayhem because she couldn't keep order at all, and was a pretty horrible teacher. Anyways, after one of the more mayhem-filled sessions (people sleeping on the floor, turning the TV on and off with stolen remote controls, jumping in and out of windows) she of course wrote a several-page letter to our teacher about how bad we were, and a few kids were being threatened with suspension, and at least one with jail time for the stolen remotes. Me and one of my buddies in the class came up with the idea to say that the teacher seemed drunk, and slept through most of the class... none of the kids got in trouble, and last I heard the sub hasn't worked in this school district since. I don't feel too bad about this one, because as I said, she was a pretty horrible teacher to begin with, and since she was old, it wasn't like she was trying to work through the substitute teacher system to become a "real" teacher.

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