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Originally Posted by -John- View Post
rubbed a wierd cream into my brothers eyes then he had to goto hospital. also i threw darts at him once, and one time when he was a baby i held his head under water to see if he could breathe as i belived babies could breathe under water. this all happend when i was a kid ofc
HAHA this reminds me, not that I consider this one of the worst things or anything, but my sister and I used to get vicks vapor rub and put it under our eyes so that we would tear up, then we would tell our brother that our grandpa died. It was convincing for a moment or four, but once we saw that he was really going for it, we would crack up and just fail.
I also used to dunk my brother a lot in the pool. At least until he got stronger than me. Damn that teenage strength.
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