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I've done a lot of funny bad shit too.

In high school I superglued the door lock to the band room shut the morning of a big competition. All the instruments were kept in a closet in that room, and I think some skinny kid had to go through a vent to get in and unlock it manually.

I had a roommate in college whom I despised. I peed a little into her facial zit medication (she had to leave it on her face overnight). Another roommate's mail went down the elevator shaft.

I had a roommate later on with an enormous shaggy dog who'd leave hair all over the house. When the girl was moving out, I swept the entire house, opened up one of her moving boxes, and "packed" the enormous pile of dog hair and dust for her to find later.

When we were 15, my friends and I were at a slumber party, and we mixed a bunch of baking soda and water, put it in condoms, and left them in people's mailboxes and in the front seat of a pickup truck.

God, I'll probably remember a lot more later on...
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