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Originally Posted by Keith View Post
If it's true that it is currently impossible for a regular person to challenge a law, my justice would wait until there's a better and easier system in place for the common man to challenge the law like an adult. You may not break the law to challenge it.

I still haven't heard what law you need changed so bad.
What law is besides the point, I think the cloning example I gave is pretty good. My question now, is what would be your plan for the common man to challenge a law. Making it too easy to challenge a law can cause disorder and uncertainty as to what is currently a law, but making it too hard makes it very hard for the law to adjust to societal changes. The robustness of the current system (resistant to change, but capable when necessary) is hard to replace, and really the whole reason I was asking all these questions is to find out what your new mechanism would be.
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