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Originally Posted by Vudell View Post
dont ruin this thread by being a wah wah bitch-boy with cockring, just post more bad shit
i'm just calling him out for being a douche. whats the matter vudell, you're the only one on the forums that can call out people for being bitches?

Originally Posted by Lord of the Cock Rings View Post
Not at all dude. You were the one who taunted the posts previous to yours as "lame" and then told us all about participating in a middle-school level humiliation session as an adult in a bar. I made a joke about Canadians and you called me a low-life.

Now you've further hurt my feelings which is probably like, the second worst thing you have ever done.
"i think this one might trump my other lame ones..."

read it carefully.

and i thought burning someone and then spitting on them was considered kosher for "the worst thing you've ever done" thread, i guess you're all huge assholes compared to me
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