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Originally Posted by coreyalan1990 View Post
Does running from cops count as a "worst thing ever?"
I wish...

OHHHHHHH I FINALLY THOUGHT OF ONE, hopefully Vudell would be impressed...

Every year, the seniors at my old high school do an end of the year prank. We call it Tequila Sunrise. As much as you can guess, you stay up all night drinking and come up with some retarded prank to display upon the hordes of students that come to school the next morning.

Anyway, five years ago (my senior year) was the double cohort (Grade 13 and Grade 12 were graduating... I guess only some of you in Canada and/or Ontario would get it). So, there were double the kids graduating, and therefore double the kids drunk at school at 2-6 in the morning.

Anyway, we all got drunk and were chilling on the lawn... people were unsure what kind of prank we were going to do (the year before they let loose farm animals in the school, and the year before that they put 4000 styrafoam cups in the hallways of the school, each filled with a goldfish and some water). We hadn't planned anything, but everyone brought tools and/or items to partake in any kind suggested prank.

The night turned into a scene from Lord of the Flies.

Myself among others spray painted inside the school, broke school windows and one kid shat on the gym floor and played hockey with it (this kid is in jail right now for other things). The cops came and I spent most of the night dodging them in the back forest with a bunch of other people... only to come out at daybreak and see two of my friends in squad cars. The cops stopped me and asked me if I could vouch for the guys in the car, saying that I was the only person they had seen all night and if I could identify the kids as students at the school they would let them go. I thought the cops would arrest me, so I said I didn't even go to the school and there was no way I would know. Later I was told my friends went to jail that morning for 2 days because I didn't vouch for them.

It was a pretty insane night. Over 250 kids rioting at a high school in the wee hours of the morning. We were all over the news the next morning, and apparently in the future anyone who is caught partaking in any Tequila Sunrise event is expelled and unable to graduate.
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