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I have done several bad things, but the worst is.... (flashback noise)

I got my first "boyfriend" my freshman year of college. He was also my first kiss and the only person I really knew in town. My freshman year was a horrible time in my life and I was pretty much an apathetic, anorexic, suicidal, scared, homeless kid. He dumped me after a few months because he had cheated on me (and didn't tell me, so the guilt was killing him) and his family was having problems. We were friends and housemates for the rest of the school year and when summer came I drifted around the state. He spent most of the summer calling, IMing and stalking me (when I was in town), so when I moved back for school I was super sick of him and had another love interest. I wanted him to leave me alone, so on my blog I posted this "letter" to a nameless ex (clearly him) who was wasting his time. According to mutual friends of ours it really upset him and he felt mislead by me.

I also am kinda kleptomaniac and chronically lie, but this story is more fun than "I steal shit from Kmart and local shitty record stores" or "I can't talk to my mother without lying."
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