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Originally Posted by ThePixelator View Post
My senior year of high school I slept with this girl's boyfriend, then pretended to be her friend for the rest of the school year all the while convincing her that he was not cheating.
I think I love you.

On a slightly darker note, about two and a half years ago I'd been dating this girl I worked with when I found out she'd been lying to me about sleeping with her 'BFF' who happened to be a guy. So after six months with no contact I picked up a few shifts at that job again and met her new BF who happened to be this cute little dark haired girl. So I proceeded to start plowing her friend. Then found out that that her and her new BF were also bi-sexual and in this strange emotionally co-dependant relationship. Shortly thereafter her friend told me she was in love with me, so I dumped her she then attempted suicide and it also sent the first girl into a suicidal depression ( she ended up spending 2 wks in the looney bin).

Bitch shouldn't have lied.
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