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I am going to cope no end of shit for this list from p0ppy0ne
Broke into a skool to get sports equipment to play cricket -got caught-
Stole endless amounts of cars stripped a few for parts
We use to like breaking into cars on hills and knocking them out of gear and letting the parking break off and watching them roll down hills and hit things
Added a couple of friends in burglaries I got to be the getaway driver
Credit card fraud ,my brother worked in bars and restaurants people use to leave there cards at the bar for tabs we use to forge signatures and do cash advances on there credit cards.
Someone that ripped me off I arrange to have there car stolen and burnt out he lost $1000's of dollars of work equipment
2 pursuits with police cars got away both times I had local road and off road knowledge of the area
Beat my share of people up for no reason but always walked away with a wallet
Have you ever seen a stolen car hit a port a potty . I have
Rammed my car into an asshole I worked with his car, parked outside his house . to stupid to match my paint on his car
Wing mirror baseball
Broke my brothers arm fighting
Crashed my mothers car being a fuck head lied about how it happened
Stole my mothers car to go out with friends
I worked at a place I hated i use to break machine so I didn't have to work
Paid kids money to steal cars to enter in Demo Derby's
Hit a lamp post and a power transformer and kill the power to a house estate
My friends brother got beaten up once we spotted the chumps on the side of the road we launched a 5 ft timber fence post out the window of a car one kid broke his leg
Pull letter boxes out of the ground and throw them through windscreens of parked cars from a moving van
Throwing pallets and cylinder heads off freeway overpasses on the roof of police cars
I worked with a guy who was making trouble so i laid him out cold in the lunchroom floor .he quit after that,no one believed his story .
And many more things that escape me at the moment.
I have only been arrest a couple of times, got away all but a real small percentage of things

I don't really have one thing I can pinpoint but my late teens till my late 20's was a fun ride. I did it all sober unless I said, and have never taken any drugs
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