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At the age of 17 my friend and I were up on a hill behind some tree shooting BB guns at passing cars below. It didn't seem like we were hitting anything, but suddenly a car came screeching around the corner and a guy jumped out and started running towards us. Under the cover of trees we quickly hid our guns in our jackets and ran a few feet away and pretended we were just taking a walk.

When the guy reached us, he started to scream about somebody "throwing a rock". I innocently said "we didn't throw any rocks, but maybe it was those two guys over there" (pointing at to guys that were jogging in the distance).

To avert suspicion I engaged the guy in conversation, asking innocently what exactly had happened. The guy said that he was driving his 4-year-old little girl to a birthday party, when her passeger window mysteriously shattered and injured her eye. He had dropped her off at the clinic down the road, and had jumped back in the car to look for the perps!

The worst thing is, I actually went with him to look at the car and sure enough there was a shattered passenger window, and a birthday present nicely wrapped with a pink bow on top, sitting on the passenger seat with broken glass and some blood.

I have always felt horrible about that, and now as a father of a little girl the same age, remembering this makes me physically sick.

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