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I don't know if I have the patience to learn how to deal with torrents and such at the moment, but I am really looking forward to hearing all 74 hrs.

I only caught a bit here and there at really weird times of the day, but I did get to:
- donate during the official show
- enjoy live katg, which is so very rare for me
- chat a little - also very rare for me
- call in and geek out with spooky and matt b
- see teddypickers posts...well done!
- catch the official 72 hr mark and catch most of the 'aftershow'

Sadly, I missed 99% of the guests and happenings. But yay for having a shit-ton of katg to look forward to.

this was really fucking awesome
I heard that you have received 10K so far
I hope the rest of the month brings in more $$
yinz deserve it!