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drink piss or i beat your ass

I made a kid (his name was Ethan) drink piss. Summertime, hot as hell, called it kool-aid. Ethan was smart and a pussy, but dammit he wan't that stupid. The kid knew it was piss, despite the ice (in a Ronald McDonald glass).

My brother and I had him cornered. He tried to run. Drink up or we beat that ass. AGAIN !! Made him take a big gulp. Spit it out. threw up. etc.. Beat his ass anyway.

You know, it's no excuse. It's not easy being the only black kids in the neighborhood. Somebody had to pay. Just a little payback. Call me a nigger ....

other highlights ..

-Made a fat kid wear a bra to the pull.
-Let the air out my mom's date's tires. Fuck him.
-Killed the neighbor (sad old lady) cats. My dog was involved.
-Tied a kid to the lightpole (at night) with bike chains.
-Winter time. Pissed on some asshole's sports car (hood, roof, trunk) in midwest winter. Piled on more snow ice and piss. Let it freeze overnight. All neighborhood delinquents involved on this one.
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