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Originally Posted by LowTechGrrl View Post
This thread was too bloody good to pass up.

When I was at school (an all-girl, Catholic boarding school in England), I decided to nick the baby Jesus from the front grounds Christmas nativity scene. After about a week of planning, the night came and I made my way out to the scene, took the "baby Jesus" from the manger and put him in a plastic bag in my backpack. I needed to hide him someplace, so I ran into the surrounding forest and buried him in a shallow grave. The next morning an emergency and "very serious" assembly was called requiring all students to attend.

No joke, the Head proceeded to say, "We have had a very serious attack on our school and against god. The baby Jesus was stolen. ...." She also made the announcement that until he was recovered, all school functions would be suspended (which they ultimately weren't after angry calls from parents) and that everyone would be questioned. Only one person knew what I did and she didn't give up any info. The term ended, I left and was never found out. About a year after I left, I sent an "anonymous" post stating where he could be found. That prank, as am I told by cousins that attend the school currently, is still talked about today!
A friend of mine had a basket on his kitchen table full of perhaps 20 baby jesuses he'd stolen out of different nativity scenes when he worked as an intake clerk at Goodwill. Just imagining the various sets of camels and robed dudes without their little centerpiece gathering dust on the shelves made me smile.
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