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Originally Posted by hypercrypt View Post
That was my point exactly though. At the moment, KaTG doesn't have a 72 (or 74) hour podcast either. The show had "segments", that is very similar to the split in radio shows, except that the timing is more precise in radio.
Sure they do. I didn't hear one commercial, music break, etc. Were you expecting two people to talk for 74hrs? Radio uses commercials and music to switch up people, KATG didn't do that, they left it as one continual stream running, you could still hear everything going on. Sure if may not have been amazing content when they were fiddling with cameras and computers, but it was one continual, uninterrupted stream.

KATG is a PODCAST, it will be released as one giant file eventually (directly from KATG, this is also part of what sets it off from radio). This shit takes time, calm down people.