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Originally Posted by Daddybones View Post
I stalked this girl in high school just to fuck with her. I stuffed death threats and typical serial killer shit into her locker. Remained hidden to her yet sat with her on lunch and watched her every reaction to every letter, and every word. Every tear, every OMG, etc. Long story short I got arrested but I was 17 so no jailtime, and I got 24 hours community service which I spent stuffing envelopes and other filing shit for this after school center. That's prob why I work in an office. I turned the experience into a + and instead of stalking people I started writing songs about stalking and killing people. 11 years later I'm married with two kids, and mixing down my third album which comes out on Halloween. Which reminds me. to hear my new track Sculpture Made of Poo
You were sending scary letters unprovoked to someone just to fuck with them, so they decided to make you stuff envelopes as a punishment? It's like making a klepto clean your shop after you close.
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