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After giggling about this thread for many days now, I've remembered a particularly awful thing I did.

My dad got a house on Fire Island, NY and invited me to stay with him and his new girlfriend for a week. At this point, I was 11 and my dad and I were relatively estranged and all of the time we had spent together had been just him and I, no girlfriend.
So we get up there, everything is going fine until this bitch girlfriend starts treating me like her kid and yelling at me. She starts telling me my mum gave me no manners and that "she could teach me a thing or two about respect". This put me over the fucking edge.

The next day we all went sailing. My dad went back to the house to grab some sun block and so it was just her and I on the boat. I feigned innocence and asked for a turn steering.
This was a small boat, so I tugged as hard as I could to the left, and over the boat went.
Oh yeah, with her purse, cellphone, and driver's license all sinking to the bottom of the ocean. She was weak swimmer and I nicely paddled back to shore leaving her with the boat to turn back over and sail back into the dock.

Good summer.
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