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Originally Posted by 264 View Post
I'm going to feel like a douche, but I'm asking anyway.

In reference to this, would you really prefer if people didn't give a shit about your handicap? I'm always annoyed by groups that call for equality but then request special treatment. Now, this isn't in reference to requiring physical aid, but more like "Don't make fun of him, he's handicapped," or "Give him the last bag of Skittles." I mean, I'd pick you up if you fell, but dude, the fucking Skittles are going with me.
Originally Posted by NoArmsJames View Post
Yes. I want equality in all ways. Make fun of me for being handicapped! Treat me like everyone else. I don't want special treatment, just equal. And you can keep your skittles, I don't like 'em.
I wonder if you two are confusing equity and equality...?

Equity refers to being fair - so for example, giving each person what they need.
Equality, on the other hand, refers to everyone having the same, so giving everybody the same thing regardless of their specific needs.

These are often confused when people argue about fair treatment for oppressed or underrepresented groups.

James, I don't think it is possible for you to be treated equally in society because you are just too different from what is considered the norm. You have a right to expect equity though, imho.
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