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Originally Posted by heywoodjablowme View Post
Too many to name but here are some,

Stole from the candle box at church
Robbed a passed out guy in his hotel room, Door was left wide open
Finished screwing a girl, told her I had to go pee and simply ran away, problem was I live in a small town and saw her frequently after that
When a girl I was dating caught me with another girl in a bar and asked mewshy I would lie to her, my simple answer was "Because lying is what I do now fuck off"

And finally, broke up with a girl I was dating for 2 years by telling her I was going to be a priest, the real reason was that I was dating someone else.

I am a douchebag...out
Fuuuuuuuuuuuuuck you and welcome to the forums, douchebag
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