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Oh God. I just remembered another one.

In college I lived in a dorm on Union Square, pretty high up, with a busy sidewalk below. For fun we'd chuck McNuggets out at the NYU "Bluebird" buses that would go by, and once a guy down the hall caught a live mouse in his sink and chucked that out too (at the patio tables of the restaurant below). But one freezing cold winter night, I filled a glass half full of water and stuffed it with the cheap, one-ply toilet paper our dorms provided us with, making a sort of sopping wad. I waited until the right moment and then let the water-wad loose. A bald black man with a long coat was walking by eight stories below and my wet-TP bomb hit him right on the back of the head. It was perfect timing, and though I laughed at the time, I really regret it now when I think of him walking home in the freezing cold, no hat, with that soggy wet shit seeping down the back of his neck. God I was an asshole.
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