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For the record, I am the one being asked. I have no previous experience but am known to be the one to help out a friend. After being reprimanded by a third-party for saying "no", I started to think maybe I was being an ass.

I sent an email to get more clarification about what they expect since the third party said it's a computer with a playlist where "all you have to do is hit play". Having only been to weddings with DJs, I have nothing to gauge this against, and it seems deceptively easy. I just picture a "we want to do the father/daughter dance now... where's Annie...why isn't she over here? She should know" situation due to lack of communication of expectations.

Originally Posted by Blitzgal
Wait, so you're not getting paid for this? Any outside person being hired to perform as DJ/MC is getting paid.
No I wouldn't. And I very much understand getting free help where you can - especially with a wedding. So even if I do it, I would never want to get paid. It just feels like they are considering it a task like the guestbook when it, right now, looks more like a job than a task.
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