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Originally Posted by Sexy_Potatoe_with_an_E
Nuclear power, I don't need another fucking chernobyl, I like being cancer free...
Well, being female and living in the bronx are not good ways to go about that.
Don't worry about the nuclear power plants. The city parks the idling diesel
trucks up there.
Also a note to the smoke-complainers: Suck it. SUUUCK IT. 2nd hand
smoke blasting you at doorways is the price you pay for not having
2nd hand smoke INSIDE the buildings. besides, it's got nothin
on those diesel fumes. Big difference is smoke stinks, but you might
not know when you're breathing burned diesel.

Cancer Risks from Hazardous Air Pollutants:

Average individual's added cancer risk: 2700 per 1,000,000
Population in areas where cancer risk exceeds 10-3: 1,331,407
Population in areas where cancer risk exceeds 10-4: 1,332,650
HAP with the highest contribution to cancer risk: DIESEL EMISSIONS
How 'bout now?
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