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Originally Posted by Sexy_Potatoe_with_an_E
Why couldn't the same thing happen to a man's manlyparts.
man's manlyparts aren't supposed to hold on to, er...stuff that gets
put on them. ours are on the outside and we (presumably) wash them
regularly. whereas ladies have a system for not letting all,
finish just fall out...except it doesnt just hold onto swimmers...
y'know, just ask Dr. Dan!

edit: just thought of something though...maybe there just aren't any studies to check
correlation of smoking/environmental pollutants and cancer in balls or prostates...
cause i think we can assume that the same shit gets into our blood from smoking
and it might collect somewhere...

/not a doctor...
//but i like cooters
///that are 25+ years of age.
////that means adult cooters.
i got nothin.
How 'bout now?

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