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Originally Posted by Sexy potatoe blah blah
Nuclear power, I don't need another fucking chernobyl, I like being cancer free...
You realize there are approximately 33 operating nuclear plants in the US? And some of those have more than one reactor.

Originally Posted by Sexy potatoe blah blah
I pretty sure I'm gonna get cancer it runs in my family, my parents smoke, pollution,
CNN says that swallowing reduces risk of breast cancer. Get to it!

Dr Dan.. I think it's cool! As for arcatacat that said jack prices and don't drive.... I don't have much choice. Companies continue to outsource customer support, which was my career for 11 years. I now have to travel 40 miles each way for work. If I take a train, my commute would be an extra hour, and I only have about 2 hrs a day with my kid as is. I barely have enough money for gas, let alone maitenance on my '97 jetta that now has over 200k miles on it. So yah.. gimme solar wind fry grease power vehicles. Not to mention hybrids get to drive in teh carpool lane..
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