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Exclamation New Members...

just to reiterate some basic starting strategy for newbs:
  • do short routes until you have enough money to cover fuel on the longer hauls.
  • Fuel up and repair in your hometown and our terminals.
    It doesn't cost any FP to do those there. Saving fatigue points helps you get more legs done so you can get more routes done.
  • Don't speed more than 5mph over the speed limit & dont go over 10 fatigue points.
    Tickets/Wrecks cost FP and money.
  • A fuel filter should be your first item once you get enough money.

NEW PPLS (before you finish signing up)
: start in Europe. it pays more and we runs contracts there (which make many monies). Make your hometown something other than our terminals, just so you have an extra place to fuel and repair (London, Rotterdam & Rivine in EU / Corpus Cristi in the US) if you've already started and youre in the US then no worries, we got cho back too

See you on the road!
and in other news...
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