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Originally Posted by jeffdrafttech View Post
Resident evil 4 on gamecube.

It's the first non-arcade game I have ever really enjoyed (usually I stick to galaga, sports, or race driving games). Someone recommended it to another person on a different thread.

I previously bought a PS2 and the thug game, a war game, and a monster game (all were top rated at amazon), and I gave it to someone who would actualy play it. I hated all of the ps2 games I tried accept for Grand Torizmo but I didn't like playing it with a 4-way pad either.

If anyone wants to buy a game system but is cheap like me: gamecube is easy to find for $40 and the games are really easy to find for $15. You people that pay $300 for a console and $60 for games are on crack.

Game cube rocks.
If video games are Crack, then the Gamecube is Heroin, the cheapest out there. The more advanced crackheads prefer Cocaine, or Special K. (PS3 or 360)
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