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Bitchy Medical Receptionists

The old receptionist at my DR was the biggest cunt in the universe. Everytime I walked in the surgery she would act like I was wasting her and the doctors time by being sick. Like I had inconvenienced her by my presence and that I was in her workplace with my disease seemed to disgust her. Perhaps if sick people disgust you, you shouldn't work in a place where sick people go.

Her treatment to most of the world was in direct contrast to the way she would treat my grandmother who goes to the same doctor. Now my grandmother would get the same bitchy treatment on the phone until she said her name, at which point a light would go on and normally bitchy receptionist would turn all nice. We eventually figured out that she had my grandmother confused with someone else with the same last name. The other old lady was a Lady (in the Knight of the Realm sense) and bitchy receptionist thought she was being nice to the upper classes.
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