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Originally Posted by madeyeshawn View Post
Anybody wanna sell their copy of mass affect... or trade a game for it?
I would rather poke my eyes out with burning metal salt-coated pokers

Originally Posted by PsychoTeddy View Post
I bought COD4 for PS3 but it controller frustrates me so much I can't play for more than 5 minutes. I need to upgrade my PC and get it on that I think.
I used to never think I could do FPS on a console. Give it time, play with the sensitivity - I can't imagine playing it on a PC now, just doesn't seem necessary, never thought I'd be at that point.

Originally Posted by StereoKill View Post
Ellite Beat Agents is awsome, very addicting. I highly recommend it.
Taiko Drum Master + DS = HEAVEN

I can play the Super Mario theme song ^_^

Freaking awesome.

Originally Posted by standardman View Post
I see, same as PSP then.
Noooo. Different. You don't have to really HACK the firmware. There's a very, very low risk of "bricking" the system IIRC, in all honest you're not really "hacking" the system fully, you have to do it every time you boot it up, right? Right?

I'm still into Castle Crashers. Buddy of mine picked me up a Blue figure and a blue t-shirt from PAX on the weekend.

And I've been playing MP Gears recently, too - It may just overtake my TF2 addiction for a while. There's still something more accessible with TF that I like more, but it's so fun to take someones head off with a shotgun.


2 months until Gears 2

Wait? no, no I can't. o_O

I go preorder special edition come, well - when I get my next eBay payment ^_^

If my system RRODs.... well I swear to the baby jesus I will kill a kitten.
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