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Originally Posted by Vudell View Post
>=\ all this Spore talk, and I can't get it until I get a new macbook with Leopard on it. DICKS

nah, I'll likely get the DS one as soon as I get mine >_>
not nearly as great
You can run windows on a mac and play it can't you?

The DS one is pokémon-esque.

Gotta say, I love this game. I'm taking my time with it, enjoying meeting new creatures and interacting with them. Sometimes I regret making really powerful creatures with the Creature Creator before I got the game and by 'sometimes' I mean 'when they're chasing me'.

The game is beautiful, I was walking around exploring with a couple of other creatures I befriended; just admiring the landscape, distant planets and weird plants when a ufo came down and took a creature, scaring the other ones senseless. I don't think I've ever spent so much of a game smiling, it's full of adorable fun.
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