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just to be argumentative:

Originally Posted by madeyeshawn View Post
Dude Xbox live arcade!!!! Games like Geometry wars evolved2, Castle Crashers, Pac-Man Championship Edition, Poker Smash, Braid, N+, Assault Heroes, Uno.
i love geometry wars, but some of these seem like flash games you can play for free on kongregate or newgrounds

Also if you love GH and Rock Band then you get 500% more content of these games via down loadable songs.
for the low low price of $0.99-$1.99!!!!1 per song!

Why does xbox 360 carry a stigma that its only for halo3 and Call of duty 4.
And Reussattack is 100% right, Bioshock absolutely 1-ups Half-Life.
aside from halo3 (and only because of its exclusivity) i dont see why ppl play FPS on consoles.

I do mean to brag that i can download a game demo of 75% of the xbox live game library. So lets say you have a 360 and wanna see if Bioshock is what we say its, Download the demo and test away my friend. To me that is innovation. And typically these demos come out before the game release day.
you can download demos for 75% of the stuff on PS3, and you dont have to pay for XBL.
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