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Originally Posted by hellbent View Post
just to be argumentative:

you can download demos for 75% of the stuff on PS3, and you dont have to pay for XBL.
I know ps3 is making progress on the online world, even if its free it is still half the service xbl is. Sure you pay 50 bucks for XBL but it feels oh so so so worth it when you have a huge community of gamers all nicely organized and ran with head sets and the abilities to lay the law on cheaters, update games, and distribute cool content.

I was just arguing that Xbox360 or PS3 offers a heap more innovation and quality than the wii. And I agree with you on the GH RB songs being over priced, BUT i was bringing it up as a reason why someone who is obsessed with GH and RB would be happiest with an Xbox 360 over the Wii (which iam not)

To be honest im actually very interested in buying a ps3, but have no plans of playing choosing ps3 version of games over the xbox 360 simply out of the fact that the XBL service is miles ahead of PSN. Do have plans to play the shit out of little big planet and MGS4. Dont forget watch plenty of Blue ray movies.

And people play console games over pc cause most of our high def tvs our minimum twice the size of monitors and have nice 5.1 dolby surround sound.
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