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tbh, i prefer the 360 =)
sony's friends list isnt as useful as the 360's, the wii's friend list is non-existant. i dont believe in paying for a service like xbl,i think it should be free.

i disagree that the 360 has more innovation over the wii. the always on internet is pretty cool on the wii, the controllers, etc blow away the 360 in terms of straight up innovation. quality? 360>wii? kidding right? rrod? thankfully i never got a rrod.

btw, i have an older 40" sony 780i, and a 22" monitor on my PC. sure, it is double but 22" is still alot.
the difference between mouse and keyboard vs console controller? have you ever tried manipulating a webpage with console controller? hows your accuracy and speed? a mouse and keyboard on a FPS wins.
lol, i own mgs4, never played the earlier ones, and i finished it. i didnt intend on buying it but there was so much hype.. im glad i did.
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