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Today is NHL09 Day.

I have EASHL team all setup and waiting for me with 14 other guys.

I'm kind of excited about the EASHL, for those who don't know this game mode is essentailly a sports MMORPG. So you develop your player and his skills dynamically by the way you play. You fill your team up with up 50 players, then take all of the teams online players, lace up the skates and try to out compete the other "human" controled team.

Many ways this can fail, nobody has ever really played a hockey game where they didn't control the whole team. This could also be ruined by lag and glitches. Even if this EASHL is a failire the rest of the game should still be amazing. And if its not a failure then say goodbye to my social life and I will sign KATG fans autographs before anyone elses after I rise to be an online NHL superstar

I'm a center, and its number 17. Not sure if my team picked a name yet.

Anyone wanna join the team send me a messag, we definately need some more forward positions.

If there were more hockey gamers in these woods, I would absolutely start up a KATG team
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