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Here's my take/solution (I think I've posted it before, but whatever).

Nobody gets married in a civil sense. Bascially, when you go to the courthouse, you would get a civil union certification rather than a marrage licence. Gay couples can get this too. Then you can go get married in the chuch of your choosing.

You can't have civil unions for gays and something different for straight couple, cause that would be segrigation. I think the big hang up is on the word marrage (because of the religious implications). However, gays can go get married at a bunch of churches and we never hear peep about that. Its only an isssue with the civil marrage. So just change the name. You'd get married in a church and get a civil union from the court house...problem solved...

You know there is an election coming up when we start hearing about gay's being scarry and flag burning being bad. How about domestic spying? A congressman gets his office searched and the polititicans go nuts crying for privacy and such...what about when they are spying on the american people...not much of an outcry then.

The Republican's are already doing a good job steering the topics of discussion towards their 'wedge' issues, and most of america is dumb enough to buy into it every single time. I'm thinking that in September or October the terror threat level thingy will be going up again too. They havn't issued a single change in the thing since before the 2004 election...I'd bet it goes up in the next few months.
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