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Originally Posted by andsoitgoes View Post
Regarding PC/Console/etc gamers - I wasn't sure the impression I was trying to give, but I fully believe that the PC provides more accurate and intelligent control. But the playing field on the PC is the same as the playing field on the console. Except that a console player will likely gain accuracy from going to a PC.

So I'm not sure where the original topic was going, but I full agree that a Console vs. PC with the same game, no matter how good the console player is, they would most likely lose out to the PC user.

For the gears/beyond good and evil/etc "user" - It always seems to me that there's an eletism that surrounds game players. It's as though Halo users are the mindless drones, whereas people who are really "in" with the gaming world pish posh games like Gears, Halo. I'm not saying that anyone here is one of those people, it seems like a lot of people write off games like Gears/Halo as destroying innovation and creativity in games. Appealing to the masses and shadowing games like Zack and Wiki, etc (mass critical appeal, poor public acceptance/sales)

Just because I'm a "gears" person doesn't mean I'm not a "Psychonauts" person or a "Beyond Good and Evil" person (disregarding the fact that I wasn't a fan of the game, btw ) - it just means, well fuck - I don't know what it means.
Halo is central to the gaming marathons I go on. I thoroughly enjoy the giant technicolor space nonsense so I guess we're both unsure of what you're grasping at.

I'm playing Bioshock again
As in resumed from where you were or finished it and started again? I found myself saving in that game for the sole purpose of going back and trying to approach the same area in different ways.
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