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Originally Posted by standardman View Post
Inspired by the useful Firefox add-ons thread, I thought I'd start a thread to see what applications people are using on their systems. With a bit of luck, we'll find some useful new stuff.

Any OS welcome, let's not turn this into another Mac vs PC thread.

I'll share a few I use for now, if this thread has any interest, I'll post more. Commence geekery!

I've just installed Orb which streams media (video, music, photos or documents) from my computer to my phone and 360 and a babillion other devices. It can stream files, tv, or online content from places like youtube, which is pretty cool. Click here to see supported devices.

Yes, it does support iPhones.

TED stands for Torrent Episode Downloader. This lovely little program checks the tv shows you select for new episodes landing on bit torrent sites with whatever regularity you desire and downloads them automagically in your bit torrent client of choice. I wub this program, I wub it hard. Works on PCs and Macs - eeeebony and iiiivory....

So what do you guys use?
so I'm testing out "True Blood" with TED and it's telling me it's downloading episode 3 of season 1? I thought It just premiered? How come I can't find episode 1??
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