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I am impressed that somehow that didn't erupt into a fight. Keith you really have a centered disposition. I think if I was having a momentus night and some bag-of-douche was roon'ing it I am pretty sure I would fly off the handle.

Speaking of fights and eye poking (from yesterday's show). I had a similar situation in 3rd grade out on recess. This kid Joe was walking around with another kid pushing and slapping people. They moved around to a few people and eveyone mostly took it. I stood my ground and sure enough he came up to me. He approaches me and pushes me. Instead of waiting for anymore flak from this guy I grabbed his shoulder, put my leg behind his and tripped him over, I then kneeled on his chest and poked him really hard in one of his eyes. I watched as he ran into the building crying.
Of course we both were called into the principals office and then I cried to. Hey I was in 3rd grade....shut up!

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