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what weirds me out or actually frustrates me is how people keep using this date to get a visceral and emotional reaction out of people and then use it for their own agenda. For instance we have Thursday business meetings, mainly because our boss doesn't have much of a social life and so she conducts these every week to waste our time and just get our attention (for instance 2 wks ago she started the first 20 minutes talking about the many uses of bounce fabric sheets).

So naturally, today she started all solemn and shit and started getting teary-eyed and started talking about the tragedy that is 9/11. Made us give a moment of silence and just tried to get us worked up emotionally and then eventually we got around to some business. This shit pissed me off to no end. I mean seriously, how many people who have grieved loss ones want to bring it up to everyone every year and have people feel sorry for them. You grieve and then you move on. If you want to remember the departed, you do it privately, and not try to get everyone else to your state of mind. This is no better than pushing religious beliefs to a non-believer and I want this shit to stop.

Luckily, I didn't lose anyone that day. My mom lives a few miles away from that tragedy and a friend was only a few blocks away from that whole mess on a way to a job. However, I've grown and I've moved on. I don't like to dwell on something that isn't at all productive and just stirs up bad feelings. That's a waste of my time and it only pisses me the hell up. *Breathes*

Ok I got that off my chest. It's been bothering me all day. Thanks for reading.
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