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Originally Posted by BrianAlt View Post
Yes, I agree that this is the major point for the nationalistic viewpoint of the situation. I guess the question for Bebe is, if there was an attack on NZ by another country or group, how would you feel about it? It's possible that Americans get "their backs up" more than most.

Then we also have to wonder, do Iraqis feel this way about us?
I'm sure that some of them do ... I would in their case.

I used to teach history and I grew up in the Deep South. My grandfather used to call the Civil War, The War When the North Invaded America. That was several generations after the cessation of hostilities. My point is this: any time a group of people tries to make you do what they want you to do at the point of a gun, the resentment lasts for generations, even if you share a common culture and language. Right or wrong barely enters into the equation ... armed coersion (sp?) is not an effective method of persuasion.
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