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Originally Posted by Bebe View Post
I wouldn't care as much as Americans seem to. I'm just not that patriotic. I'd be surprised tho, since we really have no enemies, except Australia, and that is mostly dealth with through rugby

Also, 9/11 was not exactly a huge thing - these kinds of terrorist attacks have occurred a lot.
I think it stems from the fact that most americans seem to think our country is some impenetrable fortress. That we're somehow "above" what the rest of the world goes through. 9-11 was the largest death toll in a terrorist attack on the mainland US. So of course these people who think we're untouchable would have a lasting memory of this event, much the same as Pearl Harbor, or to a lesser extent the Oklahoma City bombing.

Most americans would rather see 1000 people from any other country die, than 1 american. That seems to go along with the whole us vs. the world thing.

As far as 9-11 rememberences go. Yeah I think we need to stop with the moments of silence, playing god bless america every friggin time you turn around, and all other hoopla that goes along with 9-11 rememberences. Yes it happened, yes it was sad, lets move on. The faster we do this the faster we can move away from the brand of terror politics we've been subjected too and hopefully start to actually do things to help our country.

I also think we need to start to realize the "War on Terror" ranks up there with the "War on Drugs". We're not going to stop terrorism, just like we're not going to stop drugs. You try to do what you can, but any extra effort is just wasted chasing some idealogical war that is never going to end.
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