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Originally Posted by sully_04 View Post

i dont understand the regret part? what is wrong with you people? why does everything have to be an issue, a defining moment or some earth shattering experience. .....................

its never a religious experience unless you create the delusion in your head that it is or will be or should be to make it right........................
Well - the ensuing discussion shows you should consider your audience. If you can't get laid in high school or otherwise can't get laid much at all - it probably is some kind of holy - almost unreachable imaginary state of existence. Even if you can get laid - making too big a mental deal of it can fuck up perfectly nice relationships.

...But I'm a dirty old man slut anyway.

Also - 15; Regret I didn't jump on it on earlier opportunities; whatever; losing it - I hear it hurts girls, doing it - well - I like it.

Like many other things you get better at it with more practice whether with one person or many.
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