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I was 21. He was 24. Not my boyfriend. Just a boy I was fooling around with. It was just time and I knew I would be ok with whatever happened later.

I don't think waiting til marriage is the way to go. I think that you need to make sure you are ready for all the consequences though, whether that is heartbreak, preggers or crabs.
I strongly believe that if you think you are ready for sex, you should have to walk into a store and buy the condoms yourself. If you can't do that, you are not ready. I am also a strong believer in having a talk about STD testing before have sex with someone. People should be tested regularly if they are sleeping with multiple people but they don't do it, so it is up to you to protect yourself and ask them when they were last and what the results were. I am going to step off my soap box now and go study my pathogenic bacteria....
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