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Originally Posted by Lord of the Cock Rings View Post
Hey James,

I was reading you last couple blog posts and I was wondering if it bothers you when someone says "I'll pray for you" or the like. You sort of imply it in the 'socially retarded' post.

Personally I can see it both ways. When I've had sick family members and people told me they'd pray for them, I always say 'thank you' and am touched that they care enough. However, I'm and atheist and don't really believe those prayers do anything or that half those people even make a regular practice of prayer.

It doesn't exactly bug me, but I feel it's unneeded to proclaim that "I'm gonna help you by asking God" especially from people who know our family's heathen beliefs.
It does bother me. Who are they to assume that I have a problem with the way I am?
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