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has anybody else here been playing bionic commando rearmed? for real, i hated the game as a kid because i couldn't wrap my head around not being able to jump, and even the demo for the game didn't make me want to try it.

but then i went youtube and watched some of the speed runs through the game and challenge levels...

paid my ten dollars...

and it has sucked more of my time the past three days than any game i've played this year (single player, at least. COD4 would kill it for overall time).

seriously though, anybody that has that old-school itch but a taste for the new flavor needs to buy this game.

or maybe not- i've absolutely canceled plans with people to play it, i've been up way too late and woke up feeling dead and going to work, and when i am walking around, i imagine shooting a cable arm into the ceiling and finding the fastest way to the parking lot. in fact, the only reason i'm not playing it right now is to tell YOU people to play it.

soooo maybe don't. this can't be healthy.

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