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Originally Posted by Astigos View Post
I don't get it? That song sucks compared to mad world. That didn't pull on any heartstrings.

BTW Gears of War sucks.
Mad World? meh. The definitive Gears of War trailer song:

Originally Posted by gym_wizard View Post
DUDE! I liked Gears of War!
Originally Posted by solid_liquid View Post

You're insane. Gears of war is an amazing game and great story line.

I do admit that the story though is a little vague when it comes to the lead characters relationship with his father and why he was court marshaled.

other than that Very good for your money.

And the trailer for the sequal is based on an old poem from Alan Seeger "Rendezvous."

121. I Have a Rendezvous with Death. Alan Seeger. Modern American Poetry

I like it. Its like saying I know im going to dye and i wont ignore that fact. I embrace this fact, and so dont fear it.

Very liberating.
We've picked apart Gears several times in this thread. I guess it's fine as a dumb action game in the same way that dumb action movies are fine when watched as that but don't, for christ's sake, call it a 'great storyline'. They can't even write dialogue that doesn't make me put my head in my hands during every cut scene.
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