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Originally Posted by Astigos View Post
I have a problem with all FPSes, Halo and Gears of War in particular because they are so wildly popular. Halo and Gears strive to be mediocre. They strive to be run of the mill. They do nothing to innovate the genre. These FPSes deteriorate what a game could be by shoveling the same shit down your throats over and over again. By buying these shit games you are just encouraging them to make more of it (just like hollywood action flicks).

I played Gears when it was called Doom. I played Halo when it was called Quake. I played Call of Duty when it was called Wolfenstein. It's the same damn thing in a prettier package.

Half-Life 2 and to a similar extent, Portal, will always be in my mind the best FPS ever made until someone can prove me wrong. Ironically, it will be Valve to one-up themselves because no other company has the balls or creativity to do it.

Half-Life 3 FTW

I have made this post/argument so many times in so many forums to so many people. I should just save it on a notepad.txt.

shoutouts: I <3 you, Standardman.
Thanks and yes, Half Life 1 and 2 are the two big FPS leaps after Doom.

[nitpick]Gears isn't an FPS[/nitpick] but I get your point. I'm less hard an Halo because at least it has some fucking colours, unlike 98% of all new games.
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